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 Why Your Car Air Conditioning is not blowing Cold Air?

Why Your Car Air Conditioning is not blowing Cold Air?

Why Your Car Air Conditioning is not blowing Cold Air?

The different reasons why your car’s air conditioner is not working and not blowing cold air can be related to the need for overall car ac repair or service of the various components that support the car’s cooling mechanism.

The five most common car A/C problems are:

Refrigerant Leakage

A leakage in refrigerant can happen at any point in the air conditioning mechanism and hence it is occasionally difficult to identify the exact location of ac gas leak. The most typical places where car ac gas leaks are found are at the hose connections to the A/C unit.

Sometimes it is possible for an oily substance to accumulate around these connections, which is a possible source of leakage. You or the technician can use a sealant to close the leakage. Then you need to refill the car’s ac gas to the optimum level.

Electrical Issues

Electrical faults on the air conditioning circuit are also very common. Whether it’s fuse boxes, relays, and even switches, all electrical components can cause a car’s AC to malfunction. Therefore, these electrical components should not be ignored.

Blocked or Broken Condenser

The function of the car ac condenser is to convert the Freon gases into liquid. Refrigerant will not flow if the condenser is blocked by debris or damaged. When this happens, you will not get cold or even cool air blowing from your air conditioner.

AC Compressor Failure

Your car air conditioning system depends on a compressor to retain the air moving, but if the compressor is not working properly, that refrigerant won’t move around. One of the main causes of car ac compressor failure is prolonged disuse. There can be many other reasons for its malfunction such as an electrical fault in the circuit or clutch or leakage of refrigerant. Nippon Auto Repair has an experienced car ac mechanic to repair your car’s air conditioning.

Faulty Cooling Fans

When the fans are not working properly, your condenser may not be cooling properly. Over time, this can cause your car’s ac system to just start emitting hot air. Cooling fans can stop working for a variety of reasons. They may have blown fuses, shorted the circuit, or been blown by road debris.

If you are looking for a car service center to fix your car’s air conditioning issues, please visit Nippon Auto Repair. Be it car repair, car service, or car maintenance, we have a total solution for all your car maintenance needs.