Nippon Auto Repair

We at Nippon Auto are passionate about cars, especially the luxury Japanese brands! We noticed the necessity in the market for a high standard quality car repair shop as an alternative to the overpriced main dealers. We understand that there was no one out there that really covered Lexus and we are able to offer that to a high quality. We are a true Lexus specialist here in Dubai; our centre is located in Um Al Rummol. We only use genuine parts as per manufacturers’ specification. Some of our employees and technicians were previously employed at the main dealers here!
We strive to do our best not only to provide an alternative service but also to improve on important issues such as booking times, opening times and most importantly the pricing. Our prices are less than the main dealer without compromising on quality or service. The labour is where you save the bulk of your money. We specialize in all Japanese cars with a keen emphasis on Lexus. We not only cover basic service and maintenance but can assist with all aspects of modifications, tuning and custom remaps made for your specific driving style. We can even help you find and buy the right car with our excellent range of pre-purchase inspections which is a must have if you are thinking of buying a used car here in Dubai.

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